SEO Is Not Only About Content

SEO Is Not Only About Content

We have a million-dollar question for you here; what is the best SEO strategy?

The best answer for such a question is; A strategy that is fully in compliance with Google algorithms! 

But how Google algorithms work is unknown to all market participants. Hence, there is no exact answer to this question. So, what’s the point of investing in SEO?

Even though there is no magic answer to the question that was asked at the beginning of this article, there are best practices and guidelines which have been developed by experienced SEO professionals to comply with, so a proper and professional SEO strategy will be created that works best for an online business. 

The most important element of a successful SEO strategy is creating quality content. Let’s dive deeper to discuss it further.

Quality Content as the major building block of a SEO strategy

Nowadays, internet users unlock their mobile phones and search through Google, when they are in need of a product or some information about a subject. It goes without saying that people are looking for quality information. Therefore, the better information a website provides on a specific subject or about a particular product, the more users will be attracted to that website which leads to more traffic. Google, through its crawlers and algorithm, understands that people are more interested in a particular website, when they are looking for some specific information. Therefore, Google will push that website up in its search result page. Once your website ranks high on Google on a particular keyword, you will receive traffic more than before. This cycle that draws more traffic to your website implies the importance of quality content when it comes to SEO improvement.

Are users after quality contents only?

Even though quality content is the main building block of your SEO plan, it is not the only element that can secure your SEO plan success.

In addition to informative content, internet users are after some other important factors that shape a professional SEO plan if they are utilized all together. Let’s discuss them further.

  • UI/UX Design

How a website is designed in terms of user interface and user experience is one of the main game changing elements when it comes to SEO. You may provide the best quality content that a user is able to find on the internet. However, without a professionally designed website, no one would read your content. UI or user interface refers to how easy users are able to navigate through the website and UX or user experience refers to how users feel, when navigating through a website. UI and UX go hand in hand and a good user interface would improve users’ experience.

  • Loading Speed

Website loading speed which lies under user experience is another important factor for a website to be navigated by users. Nowadays, users are not tolerant enough to wait more than 2 or 3 seconds for a web page to be loaded completely. Therefore, your website must be loaded completely, in less than 2 seconds, otherwise users would instantly close your webpage, even if you have provided the highest quality content on a particular subject.

  • Mobile Responsiveness

Users use their mobile phones to surf through the internet more than before. Hence, mobile responsiveness or how your website is displayed on mobile phones is quite important for users. As a consequence, in order to have a successful SEO plan, your website must be mobile responsive and displayed on users’ mobile phones perfectly, so visitors will stay on your website and read through your contents.

  • Strategic Keywords

The art of choosing the right keyword for a content, requires knowledge and experience. You may create great content on a particular subject, but failing to add appropriate keywords that users will most likely use, when searching for relevant information, will end you up with a quality content that no one can see on the search result pages! Therefore, choosing the right keyword to be added to your content is another important task that must be accomplished by an experienced SEO consultant.

  • SEO Progress Measurement

Even if you work with the best copywriter in the world to publish quality content on your website, there is always the possibility that your SEO plan in general and your contents in particular, doesn’t work well for you. Therefore, you must be working with an experienced SEO consultant to monitor how your SEO is performing during a reasonable time frame. There are a number of good tools such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Semrush and a lot more to be utilized for the purpose of measuring your SEO performance. As a conclusion, having a proper SEO plan is just the starting point of your journey, as you must be vigilantly monitoring your SEO progress over time.



Quality content is a necessary but not sufficient element for a successful SEO plan. There are many other factors that must be considered, when it comes to SEO enhancement. In conclusion, in addition to creating quality content, there are other factors that need to be taken care of, if you want to be rewarded for your time and money spent on your SEO plan.

If you have any question or concern in regards to your SEO plan, or if you are planning to start your SEO campaign, we are more than happy to help. You are only a phone call away from a free consultation meeting with us.

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