eCommerce Website Design in Dubaiturn shoppers into customers

The first impression is one of the most important elements for customers to buy a product. Ecommerce websites are not excluded from this rule. In fact, a website that is designed based on the psychology of buyers, with applicable visual elements to enhance strategic sales would perform as a professional seller.

There are several factors measured to consider a website as a fantastic Ecommerce platform. That being said, inducing the feeling of security and reliability in the website design comes first and it converts your visitors to your loyal customers.

A Websima Creative Agency, we consider updated methods for optimization of your website, SEO, and optimized Google search rank as a result of content management to build a functional and effective website for your brand and business. It will be a website to convert your visitors to your fans!

Websima Standards to design a eCommerce website

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

More than 60% of the visitors will experience your website with their mobile phones. In some industries, mobile version of the website is even more important than its desktop. In Websima we follow latest principles and standards of responsive design, in which your website is functional through all sort of devices (e.g., laptop, tablet, mobile phone).

Exclusive Graphic Design

Exclusive Graphic Design

It is possible that two websites with a similar job, have a same experience but their graphic design should be exclusively in compliance with their brand identity. Websima implements an exclusive design for your homepage and important inner pages such as “contact us”, “about us”, “services” and “products”.

SEO Standards

SEO Standards

To compete in the competitive online market, you need to use all the marketing sources you have in your hands. SEO marketing and your presence in Google searches are important marketing aspects for a website. That’s why we consider all the SEO standards both in design and coding of your website.

Websima is aware of online buyers’ tasteYour first connection with your customer is his website visiting

With our more than 10 years of experience, we will help you with a building of a professional ecommerce website considering analysing of the online buyers’ behaviours. Websima will help you to succeed in the market by improving your sales.

Products’ Catalog

The first and the most important element in an ecommerce is its products’ showcase and management.
  • Define and upload unlimited products
  • Categorizing & tagging products for a better accessibility
  • Quick price tagging and applying discounts
  • Search & filter options on your product for the customers
  • Exhibiting “Best Selling Products”, “New Products” & “Discounted Products”
  • Suggesting similar or supplementary products
  • Capability to add a comment or score for a specific product
Products’ Catalog

Customer’s features in an ecommerce website

Decision making to buy online is not simple. To be chosen by customers as a trustable online shop among these different kinds of ecommerce websites, we need more relevant and supplementary tools.
  • Capability to compare the products
  • Wishlist for each customer
  • Quick search based on product names or categories
  • Mega menu and capability to categorize and adding photos in the menu
  • Sorting & filtering based on product features (colors, size, brand and …)
  • Choosing the time & date for the delivery
  • Orders history and their status in customers’ panel
Customer’s features in an ecommerce website

Inventory & Accounting

Stock management, recognizing best-selling products and intelligent price tagging cannot be happened without having statistic reports and updating the managers on-time
  • Reporting the last orders and easy management panel for the online store
  • Capability to have notes and status change for each order
  • Reporting the statistics of sales and incomes for a specific period of time
  • Reporting the statistics for the best-selling products and most popular categories
  • Inventory panel for stock management
  • Notifying the managers if a product is out of stock or has become less than specific number
  • Edit and print the final bill to attach it to the delivery box
Inventory & Accounting

Ordering & Purchasing Process

Designing a smooth and standard purchase process will have a significant effect on converting visitors to customers
  • Quick & easy registration with email & phone numbers
  • Choosing a product and adding it to a basket
  • Choosing the different kinds of delivery options depends on the customers’ locations and preferences
  • Different methods for the payment including online payments, on-delivery payments and credit payments.
  • Using the coupons to discount a product or add credits to the customer’s profile
  • Applying and presenting the additional costs on the final bills including delivery costs
  • Capability to define the VAT costs for each product or on the basket
Ordering & Purchasing Process