SEO Price in Dubai

Dubai has a highly competitive market. When you want to open a new business in Dubai, you need to go online anyway, even if the nature of your business is offline.

relase date 19th May, 2021
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seo price in dubai

In such a market, the importance of SEO would be significantly high. It becomes even more critical when you find out the cost of the Google Ads in Dubai/UAE. Google Ads cost in Dubai is among the top 5 most expensive areas (in some keywords, it is the most expensive one). Imagine that you need people to visit your website if they search for “car rental”. In this case, for each visitor who clicks on your website link, you will pay around 15 AED! Even if the user leaves your website immediately.


Now, imagine that you have an optimized website that has a good ranking on Google. You may get thousands of visitors per day without even paying 1 AED! It is the effect of SEO on your business in Dubai.


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But the question is, how much should I spend to shoot my website to the first ranking of Google? How much does SEO cost for me in Dubai? In this article, we will answer these questions.


How much Does SEO cost for my company?

It is a general question. The SEO cost is usually monthly basis. The range of this cost would be from 1000 AED up to 30,000 AED per month. Many factors affect the price. If you can answer the questions below, we guarantee that you can have an accurate estimation of the SEO cost for your company:


What is the scale of your company to SEO your website?

It is the first question. Are you going to be Amazon number 2, or you have a small eCommerce? If your products’ range is wide, you need more time and money to improve your SEO. The bigger target you have, the more difficult route you would face for SEO.


What is the nature of your company to SEO your website?

It is a critical question. If your business’s nature is online, you will have a more complicated and more costly process to improve your SEO. But if the nature of your business and your competitors are offline, then you will have an easier path to do that. For example, to SEO an eCommerce website, you must pay more than a “Barbershop”. That’s because of their nature.


Does your website meet the SEO standards?

We have many customers who ask for SEO services with non-standard SEO websites! In this case, even if you start the SEO project, you will either fail or improve slowly. An SEO standard website is a MUST for any kinds of businesses. That is why we emphasize not to deal with the cheap web-design company because you will have to pay more later anyway.


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Nevertheless, if your website is not SEO standard, you will have an additional cost to build the website again. If you want to know about the website prices, we suggest you read the “How much does a website cost in Dubai” article for general information and “eCommerce Cost in Dubai” for the cost of eCommerce websites.


How much your competitors have invested in this market (SEO Market)?

If you want to have a reasonable estimation of your SEO project, always check how much your competitors invested in it. If you search for a related keyword on Google and you find many Google Ads campaigns and lots of company’s listed and articles, then good luck, it will be a challenging project. But if you don’t find Google ads nor many competitors in that area, you won’t need to pay that much for SEO.



On which keywords do you want to invest?

Imagine that you have a “car rental” company. If you want to be the #1 ranking for the “Car rental” keyword, you need a long time and huge money for that. But if you are willing to improve on some specific keywords such as “renting an economy car in Dubai” or “car rental for Toyota Yaris”, then you will have a better chance with less money and time. Keep in mind that our target is always to reach on top of Google for our main keywords. However, to do that, we need to start with alternative keywords and try to get the main ones in time.


Who is in charge of content-generating to SEO your website?

There are two areas in SEO projects that you should pay: the first one is managing which we talked about, and the second one is content writing. If you can write the contents yourself, then you don’t need to pay extra for that. But if you don’t have time or for any reason you want to outsource it, then you should consider an additional cost of content writing for your project. Usually, companies offer contents writing with a separate invoice based on the number of characters or pages. This is something different from the SEO project; however, editing and loading the contents with SEO standards would be the SEO manager’s responsibility.


And finally, the price estimation.


Based on what we discussed, the cost of an SEO project in Dubai may be from 1000 AED up to 30,000 AED per month. Here we break it down for you so you can have a more accurate estimation for your project.


  • Non-Competitive Corporate Website SEO Cost: For such a project, you should have a monthly invoice of 1,000 AED up to 3,000 AED. You also expect to see the results after 1 to 3 months.
  • Competitive Corporate Website SEO cost: However, the market is competitive, but the nature of your business will decrease the prices for you. You should expect the price of 3,000 AED up to 9,000 AED per month for these kinds of projects. You should see some results after three months, and you will get more and more in time.
  • Standard eCommerce Website SEO cost: eCommerce is competitive! Unless that you are selling something that nobody else has! For a typical eCommerce website, you may be charged 5,000 AED up to 20,000 AED based on the intensity of the competition in your field. The results will show up after four months slowly but will be a boost after six months.
  • Amazon number 2: If you want to be Amazon number 2, you will need to invest at least 30,000 AED per month and get a content writing team of your own. You will see results after months, but it is not clear whether you will ever beat Amazon or not!


If you want to know what the SEO services are and how they will work, we suggest reading the “SEO Services in Dubai” articles.


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In Websima DMCC, we offer professional SEO services for Company and eCommerce websites. We are in this business for more than ten years, and we know that we can achieve what you’ll need for your company. Bear in mind that SEO is a long-term investment, but it worth it. So, please do not trust companies who promise to take you to the top of Google in a short period or if they offer prices that are too good to be true. The more you invest in this market, the more you will gain later. You cannot imagine how the effect of SEO would be on your company.


We suggest you subscribe to our YouTube Channel if you would like to do the SEO yourself. We have a range of videos about SEO to watch and learn.

You can contact us for a free consultation, and please share your experience with us in the comments below.


Hey websima. I am having a website of my own. It is kind of a personal website like blogs. Is it possible to SEO that and how much will be the cost of SEO?

    Hello Rahil and Thank your for your comment. The answer is YES, it is possible to SEO any kinds of website. The important issue is to find out the best keywords and strategy based on your field. You can have a free consultation meeting with us to discuss it in detail. By the way cost of such an SEO project is close to a company website rather than eCommerce.