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93% of online sales start with searching on Google!

Most internet users seek their desired information and websites using primary search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Conversely, search engines strive to accurately determine the user’s primary intent behind a specific keyword search and provide the most relevant results accordingly. Consequently, users trust search engine suggestions more than advertised content. This underscores the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) for the success of your website.

It is crucial to note that the keywords users search for in search engines hold great significance, as attracting users from search engines can significantly increase the likelihood of business success.

There are numerous advantages to acquiring visitors through SEO rather than any form of advertising, and it tends to be more cost-effective over the long term.SEO Services for websites


What is SEO?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is a series of techniques and tactics to increase the website’s visitors by improving its performance through search engine standards. Several elements affect website SEO, including keywords in website content, backlinks, and website coding and structure.

The most frequently asked question is: “what does SEO exactly mean?”

SEO is a set of activities in web design, strategy planning, and content creation to enhance a website’s rank in the Google ranking algorithm to increase your visitors.

The SEO concept is not limited to search engines. It is also related to improving the website’s structure for visitors to have a better experience. For that purpose, google policies are now more aligned with user experience and feedback.

The Effect of Visitor’s Behaviour on SEO

Google’s new algorithm, particularly RankBrain, is designed to analyze user behavior and optimize rankings accordingly.
When a user searches for something on Google and selects one or more of Google’s suggestions, their choices are considered by Google within the searched topic. For instance, if a website with a low rank receives more clicks, Google will enhance its ranking based on user behavior.

Furthermore, the time users spend on a specific website until their next similar search is an important factor in Google’s ranking algorithm.

The duration from when a visitor clicks on your website link until their next search for the same keyword on Google is “Dwell Time.” If you want to understand how user behavior affects SEO, we recommend reading the RankBrain article.


Websima SEO Standards

SEO and optimization are long-term and continuous process. There are several techniques and methods to get a better rank in Google which all are more or less effective. Succeeding in SEO requires 3 major elements as below:


1. Technical SEO

Non-standard website wastes your money and time!

optimize the coding structures of website

Standard coding, applying SEO rules in design, standard highlighting, optimizing loading speed, responsive design, and so on are called “SEO Technical”. To start content marketing, a robust and standard website design is mandatory.

SEO Standard Web Design

2. Content Marketing

Targeted contents are the keys to success!

Engaging in activities such as discovering valuable keywords, analyzing competitors, formulating a content strategy, creating valuable content, implementing proper tagging and categorization, and building internal links are vital components of content marketing. It is imperative to understand that achieving success in SEO is only possible by incorporating content marketing.

Content marketing plays a pivotal role in optimizing search engine rankings. By focusing on these activities, you can enhance your website’s visibility, attract organic traffic, and succeed in SEO. Neglecting content marketing hampers your chances of achieving significant results in search engine optimization.

Targeted contents are the keys to success

SEO is a Logn-term Guaranteed Investment

3. Targeted link building

  • link building for seo

Complying with SEO standards and content marketing can take you to the first page of Google; however, to get the first rank and to compete with older competitors, you will need to work on “SEO off page”. Social network activities, professional forums, comment marketing, purchasing valuable backlinks, and ad reporting are called “SEO off-Page”.



The Importance of SEO in Search Engines

Although Google is an intelligent search engine, it requires users’ assistance. Google constantly strives to suggest better results to its users. However, some obstacles make SEO necessary in this process. Making a single mistake in SEO would cause your website to be hidden from users, wasting all your efforts. Consequently, your competitors may have a better outcome with lower-quality content.

Google crawlers have specific factors to recognize the contents of a page, so if you observe the rules, you will have a better chance of getting a better result in Google rankings. These factors are called “On-page SEO,” to succeed, all the factors should be cleared and understood.

Black Hat & White Hat SEO

Applying SEO techniques that prioritize customers’ satisfaction and adhere to ethical guidelines is known as “White Hat SEO.” In contrast, “Black Hat SEO” involves exploiting search engine vulnerabilities and employing deceptive techniques while disregarding customers’ satisfaction. It’s important to note that Google identifies such practices and penalizes websites engaging in Black Hat SEO.

We recommend reading the “SEO Methods” article on our website for a comprehensive understanding of this concept. It will give you a more detailed insight into different SEO approaches and their implications.

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