What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing?


Quality Content Creation

The best marketing strategy for online businesses is to create quality relevant content in a reasonable timeframe. People, while searching for their needs on the internet, are after quality and correct information about the subject they are looking for. As the final purpose of all marketing strategies and tactics is attracting more people, Google search engine algorithms have always been focusing on the websites that provide the best quality content for users and are able to respond to the user’s questions appropriately, to rank them higher.

Quality Content advantages for UX

Users who find the information or products they are looking for, multiple times through your website, will become your loyal visitors. In addition, the quality and precise information on any specific subject will create trust and your website will become more reputable and trustworthy from users’ point of view. This will make more loyal visitors and consequently more organic traffic for your website. Also, due to the correct and comprehensive information on relevant subjects on your website, your website position will be upgraded steadily, to eventually become a reference website in your area of expertise.

SEO Improvement

Like we said before, a search engine’s intention is to provide the best answer to its users’ questions. Thus, the search engines develop smart algorithms to help their users with their queries. The more valuable, precise and comprehensive the content issued in a website is, the higher the website will rank on search engines. Search engines analyze the users’ reaction to contents by number of clicks, the time they spend on a specific article, staying for a while on an article or leaving shortly and trying the same content on other websites, etc. These elements play a crucial role in SEO optimization for websites. As a conclusion, all elements related to SEO improvement are highly correlated with quality content creation.

Conversion Rate Enhancement

What is the customers’ expectation to proceed with their shopping? When people are in need to buy something, some elements are important for them to make their decision. They need proper information on the product they are looking for as well as being able to trust the source they are getting the information from. Also, they need to be able to compare similar products and go through the users’ review on the product they are in need of. Therefore, if your website provides precise information along with looking trustworthy to users, more people intend to shop through your website. As a conclusion, creating correct and comprehensive content will eventually increase the website conversion rate. You can read “Better Conversion Rate” article to find out more.

Content Marketing Helps Reaching Specific Audience

When it comes to attracting audiences who are interested in your products, nothing would be better than content marketing. By issuing relevant, precise and comprehensive content on your website, only interested users will be following you. This would significantly increase your website traffic and conversion rate as the traffic is quite organic and the audiences are interested in what you are supplying. Obviously, the conversion rate improvement would guarantee your success in your online business.

More Contents More Visitors

By generating more informative and impressive contents, users will have more reasons to stick around and visit your website more frequently. This should be continuous and must never stop as people would never come back to your website, if they don’t see contents that are relevant to their interest after visiting your website a couple of times. Hence, if you want organic traffic and more time being spent on your website, you should consider quality content creation in a reasonable timeframe.

More effective and Less Expensive

Even though google paid Ads bring you up to the first page of google instantly, it may cost you a fortune. If you are a small/medium business looking for more traffic, paid Ads might not be a good idea for you due to the large amount of money that should be spent. Besides, based on several surveys, people trust more on websites who rank higher organically rather than through advertisements. Since internet users trust the google ranking system, they consequently trust the websites which rank higher on google search results. 

Generally speaking, content marketing has become one of the most popular marketing strategies due to its great benefits for online businesses. However, choosing the right content for your business can be challenging as if chosen inappropriately, it would affect your business negatively. That’s why working with a professional company with proven and valuable successful experience is highly important in order not to be wasting your time and money. Here at Websima DMCC, we are happy to share our successful experience with a wide range of businesses from different types with new potential clients. As soon as you make sure about Websima DMCC high quality performance in content marketing, you can rest assured for your project to be completed successfully. We offer “Web Design” and “SEO Services” in Dubai.


Is Content Marketing good for my business?

Generally speaking, the content marketing tactic works well for all kinds of businesses. The key point is to select smart topics and right keywords. However, if you are still in doubt, come over to Websima DMCC office in Dubai and have a free consultation meeting with our team about your business and goals. We are here to help.

Is it possible to build my brand using content marketing?

The short answer is YES. However, it takes time and effort as building a brand is not easy at all.

By creating informative and consistent content on the subject relevant to your area of expertise, over time your brand will be recognizable within your industry.

What’s the difference between SEO and Content Marketing?

While content is about providing relevant information about a particular subject, SEO is about making the content visible and accessible. They are both required for a steady and organic online business growth. SEO improved websites will not add any value if no content is provided for users.

How can I find a professional company to do my project appropriately?

There are many good companies in Dubai, performing very well in Digital Marketing generally and Content Marketing specially. However, you should be very cautious on selecting the one who works well for your project. Here at Websima DMCC, we will be more than happy to have a free consultation meeting with you in order to help you with your requirements. 

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