Website Design for a Restaurant in Dubai

Nowadays, everything is moving fast. If you own a small retail, you need to make it online as fast as possible. To do that, you will need a website first. In this series of articles, we try to explain the details of a website for a specific business.

relase date 18th April, 2021
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Website Design for a Restaurant in Dubai

In this article we will explain the features and information you may need to build a website for a restaurant or a café.


web design for restaurants and cafe in dubai


What Features are required for a restaurant/cafe website?

First of all, we will clarify the features you may need in your website for a restaurant. Depending on your concept, location, design and budget you may choose to have some or all of the features.

a. Animated Slider: An animated slider with a selection of your famous foods or services can be really effective and mouth-watering.

b. A page with your contacts details and LOCATION. The location should embed for mobile users who want to navigate directly from your website into maps.

c. A brief description of your brand, and your concept.

d. Online menu: This menu is just for users who wants to surf into your menu and check your items. This can be different from the “Delivery Menu”.

e. Online reservation system: This system would help the users to reserve a table on a specific date and time. This service can be a general service to get user’s data. It also can be an accurate system with the plan of your seats so they can choose their table from. (similar to cinemas)

f. Delivery System: this is including “delivery menu”, “check out platform” and “online payment”. “Delivery menu” is the one that you can select the items from to check out. The “Check out platform” is where the users will enter their data such as location, phone number and email. “Online payment” would be the last step of this system which finalize the users’ orders.

g. Events’ page: Sometimes you have an event in your restaurant or café. This can be a new-year event, Ramadan event or some occasional events. You can build a page for your events to announce that. That page can also have the reservation system separately.

h. Blogs: Blogs is acting like a heart of the SEO of your website. Therefore, we suggest you have it even for a restaurant’s website.

i. Think Out of the BOX: You can always come up with new ideas for your restaurant and you can let us know what you have in your mind. We will always come up with an online solution!


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What kind of design you should use for you restaurant website?

The design of your website presents your brand identity. That’s why it should be always amazing. Usually, we suggest designing the website of a restaurant in compliance with the design of the restaurant itself. The colours, fonts, themes and icons should be all in compliance with the brand and the design.
Bear in mind that you should always be innovative in design. Therefore, just copying a website is not a good solution for a professional website. Instead, hiring good designers or dealing with companies which creates designs from scratch is the best solution.


Which CMS should be used to build a website for a restaurant?

This question is more like a fight between web designers! We suggest you read “Web design with WordPress or a dedicated CMS?” article.
In Websima DMCC, we create the websites with WordPress for some reasons. We can’t say this is the best CMS for everything, but we assure you that WordPress is the best CMS for small retails such as restaurants. To find out the reasons behind that, you may just read the same article we mentioned above.


How long does it take to build a restaurant website?

We can answer this question only when we know what features you need in your website. depending on the features, it may take from 2 weeks for a “Single-Page Website” up to 2 months for a full version of a website for a restaurant. We suggest you read the “How long does it take to create a new website in Dubai” article.


how much a website design cost


How much does it cost to build a website for a restaurant?

And finally, the price. This is also depending on the features you want. It can be from 3000 AED for a “Single page website” up to 30,000 AED for a very complicated website. We suggest you read “How much does a website cost in Dubai” to find out your answer. You may also contact us anytime to get a quotation for your website.


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Does Websima DMCC have “restaurant website” services?

The answer is YES. Websima DMCC can build a website for your restaurant from 0 to 100. It can be a simple website with just a menu for small restaurants or it can be a full-featured website with delivery and everything. We have a range of designers to satisfy you with our services. You just need to contact us and let us know a little bit about your brand/restaurant and the features you require. The rest will be done be Websima DMCC.

Please share your opinion with us; what additional features do you think a restaurant can have?


Hi, I am opening a cafe in Dubai Hills. I am looking for a website company to design my cafe/restaurant website. I want to have online delivery system as well. Please let me know if it is possible and how much it will be?

    Hey Saeed. Thank you for contacting Websima DMCC. We can create a professional and creative website with all the features including online order and delivery system. We need more details to estimate the price but I suggest you reading this article “How much does a website cost in Dubai“. After reading that you can have an estimation about the price.