1-Page Websites; a Quick Solution for Start-Ups and Low-Budget Companies

1-Page Websites; a Quick Solution for Start-Ups and Low-Budget Companies

If you own a company for which a budget website with no unique feature is urgently needed the solution is the “1-Page website”.

What is the 1-Page website?

“1-Page website” is a website with no inner pages, so all information will be shown on the homepage. Instead of creating separate pages for contact details and “about us” sections, all this data along with other information will be designed to be placed on a single page. It can include a slider, contact us, about us, contact form, appointment schedule, food menu (for restaurants), list of services or products and so on. Although there are some limitations associated with this type of website, still some advantages exist which will be discussed later. You may have a look at some 1-page websites below before continue reading through the article:

What are the advantages of a 1-Page website?

First of all, it is quick! So, if you are in a hurry or have a deadline for your website, it can be a good option. Since, there are no inner pages to be designed, the timeline of the project will be reduced significantly.
Secondly, its cost is much lower than a typical website, as it takes a shorter time to be designed and implemented. If you have a tight budget or own a start-up, a 1–Page website would suit you.
As the third advantage, 1-Page websites are more likely to have no errors on different elements such as responsiveness, security, contents and links, the reason being that full focus will be on a single page, so making a mistake will be quite rare.


What are the disadvantages of a 1-Page website?

The first disadvantage to mention is the associated limitations. For example, it is impossible to sell a product on a 1-Page website. Besides, in the case of providing many services, it would be better to categorize them, which is not possible on a 1-Page website.
Secondly, the SEO process will be much more challenging for 1-Page websites, as there are no blogs and posts in place for the website, which makes it difficult to work on keywords. Bear in mind that Websima DMCC offers a “1-Page website + Blog” as a special offer to resolve this issue. We will discuss it further, later in this article.
As the third disadvantage, it decreases the “Dwell Time” of your website. “Dwell Time” is the time that the user will be on your website before returning back to the search engine. Since your website has only one page, it reduces the chance that a visitor will surf through your website. As a consequence, the Dwell Time of your website decreases.

What type of companies, “1-Page websites” are recommended for?

Till now, we have understood what a 1-Page website is and what are the advantages and disadvantages of such a website. But the question is, for which type of businesses would 1-Page website suite.
Let’s start with some types of businesses that 1-Page website doesn’t work for. If you intend to create an ecommerce website, forget about the 1-Page website. If you are a big company with different sections to be displayed on your website, 1-Page website is not for you. If you need a platform to connect your employees or customers, it’s impossible to do so through a 1-Page website. you better apply for a corporate website solution.

On the contrary, if you have a small company with a limited budget or own a start-up that is not internet-based, a 1-Page website might be a good option for you.
1-Page websites are also helpful for some retailers such as restaurants to show the menu only (Online order cannot be implemented through a 1-Page website), barbershops with an online appointment feature and other service-based retailers such as printing, technical repair services, car washes and car garages.
In general, if you think that the required content fits in one page, a 1-Page website would be the best choice for you. At last and for the sake of honesty, a 1-page website can be an option for you, though it would be better to have a standard website.

Does Websima DMCC offer 1-Page website services?

YES we do! We offer 1-Page website services at an affordable price. As an additional service to provide an SEO standard website for you, we also offer a bundled package of “1Page + Blog Websites”, if you desire to have a blog as well. As a common feature, we create a dynamic slider along with “contact us” and “about us” sections. The other sections will be created based on your business nature and its requirements. Your website will also have a menu like the typical websites. However, instead of opening a new link, it scrolls up and down in the homepage to show different sections. Here are the sections that your website may have:

  1. Menu (Scroll)
  2. Slider
  3. Contact us
  4. About us
  5. Team introduction
  6. Online Appointment
  7. Contact form
  8. Map/Location
  9. Services/Products introduction (Limited)
  10. Food Menu (for restaurants)
  11. Header
  12. Footer
  13. Blogs (as an additional feature for your website)

Any other section which is possible to be added to a 1-Page website is free to be discussed further.

How can I get a quotation for a 1-Page website for my company?

You can contact us via WhatsApp, Contact form, Email or phone call. We will get some details about your business and your requirements. Once we have a clear mind about your desired website, we will get back to you with our proposal. You just need to mention that you are looking for a “1-Page website”, so we will instantly get back to you with an appropriate solution.

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