What Is The Impact Of Artificial Intelligence On Web Development

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing web development and designIn the digital era that we are now living in, technology is advancing very fast. All industries and markets who are customer-driven are making changes fast to respond to what customers want and how they feel about their products and services. Artificial Intelligence or AI as a breakthrough to the digital world is now revolutionizing the digital industry including web development and design.

Currently, the process of web design and development is more dependent on humans, so the website design cost in Dubai or any other part of the world depends mainly on the developer or designer service price.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the game significantly by improving the website development process in all aspects.

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI refers to the process of simulating human intelligence in machines that can learn and think just like humans. AI as progressing, will be able to think, make decisions, solve problems just like humans. AI systems basically learn from human behavior and inputs to solve problems and make decisions. The machine reading ability allows AI to improve its performance without needing to be instructed by developers. In other words, the AI system analyzes data that is received from different behaviors and improves the system accordingly. That is quite beneficial for user experience improvement, particularly for web development for Start-Ups with no historical data about their customers’ behaviors.

How AI would impact the Web Development and Design

1- User Experience enhancement

A good UX design needs the developers to know how to improve their UX research to design according to the research results. This is something that needs to be done by humans. The machine learning system is now quite powerful in analyzing data and predicting trends and users’ behavior and needs. As such, AI would perfectly improve user experience by precisely analyzing data and predicting what users want.

2- Quality content creation

Artificial intelligence is capable of creating quality contentOne of the most important factors to get organic traffic from users is having a good knowledge about how to create SEO friendly content. To do so, the content creator must have a good understanding about users preferences and needs about a specific subject. AI, by utilizing machine learning can gather all relevant data precisely and generate quality content accordingly.

3- Better website and template design

AI, thanks to the machine learning system, is far better than humans in identifying the users’ preference and taste. By analyzing data, AI would be able to precisely realize what exactly users want to see when entering a website. As such, AI is able to create a design that is very close to users’ taste.

4- Cost and time efficiency

AI is able to automate repetitive tasks such as coding, testing and spotting technical issues and bugs. The power of making such tasks automotive, would accelerate the process and save a lot of time and cost for a web design project.

5- Security improvement 

AI can be utilized to automate the process of ongoing website scanning for suspicious actions, security issues and vulnerabilities. 

6- Efficiency enhancement 

AI is used to identify all the bugs or technical issues across the website and fix it right away. Developers are not needed to scan the codes line by line anymore. By utilizing AI software, spotting and fixing the errors and bugs become easier than before.

Is AI taking over web development?

The short answer is not at this stage! People’s needs and requirements are widely diversified and AI will not be able to respond to every single request. Even though AI is considered as a very advanced technology, human intelligence still outweighs it. However, AI can help humans to improve processes in web development and save time and cost by automating things that are learnable by computers. It would improve the web development process by creating designs and layouts, security monitoring and complex coding to help developers in the process of developing a website from scratch. 


Artificial Intelligence is changing the web development industry significantly. AI helps developers to test coding automatically, so it saves a lot of time and cost. Besides, it helps web designers by creating smart designs and layouts which are not only relevant to the website’s nature, but also inline with design trends and users preferences. Furthermore, AI is capable of generating quality content for different types of websites in a matter of seconds. 

Having said that, we still believe that a touch of human intelligence in the web development process is absolutely not replaceable.

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