Is it worth it to invest on a website for an offline business?

All businesses of any type, online or offline, must consider online presence seriously

In the digital era that we are living in, all businesses of any type regardless of whether the actual business is carried out online or offline must consider online presence. It’s absolutely crucial for your business to have a proper website as the showcase of your business. There are many web design service providers who offer a wide range of website design packages in Dubai that you can work with in order to take your business online. 

However, there are some business owners out there that are not fully convinced about investing in online presence for their business, particularly those who perform their businesses offline. If it sounds like you, read this article to the end.

Benefits of online presence for offline businesses

Having a website for any type of business regardless of whether the actual business is carried out offline or online associates with lots of benefits. The good news is that the cost of building a simple website in Dubai is now affordable for most businesses. As such, after reading this article, there is no excuse for you to wait and take no action. Now let’s go through the most important benefits of online presence for your business. 

  • Creates credibility

Prospect customers who are after services or products that your business is providing, do online research before taking any action. They wouldn’t have a clue about your existence, if your business doesn’t have a website. Even if they are aware of your business, with no website in place, the prospect customers wouldn’t trust your business. A business website creates credibility and trustworthiness and helps build your business image over time.

  • Expands your market

Your business audiences will be limited to people who are passing by your store or being referred by another customer, if you don’t have a website. With a professional website, the number of customers is unlimited. All people within your area, country and even the whole world can potentially be a customer, if you have a professional business website and improve your online presence. A good website expands your market significantly. 

  • Improves customer supporta website improves customer service and makes you available to respond to customers 24/7

If you are selling offline and no websites in place for your business, your customer support will only be limited to the office/business hours. This is not acceptable in todays’ world. People need support, assistance and troubleshooting for a product or service they have purchased as soon as they are in need. A customer who is in need of help doesn’t want to wait until morning the next day to get support. They want instant assistance. With a website for your business, you can properly respond to your customers’ inquiry 24/7/365. That is quite important from a customer perspective.

  • Reduces the business operating cost

While processing customers’ orders in your office needs a few employees and landlines, all orders can be processed through a professional website from receiving the order and  processing the payment all the way through delivering the order to the customer. For a small business, the whole process can be monitored and executed by only one staff rather than a few.

  • Improves business responsiveness

With the help of a professional website, you will be able to put all information a prospect customer needs in the website. That will include product/service specification and details, price, delivery terms, FAQ, etc. 

As such, once a customer visits your website, there is no need for them to contact your office to get such information. That will improve user experience as well as business productivity. 

What to do now? 

Now that you have become aware of the importance of online presence for your business, do your homework and conduct a quick research to see how long it takes to build a new website in Dubai as well as the cost that is associated with your project. This is crucial for you to put a plan together with detailed information about how much time and money is needed for your project to be implemented, as for example, the cost of building a corporate website is different to a business smaller in size like a barber shop. Once you have all needed information including budget, time and web designer of choice, it’s time to kick start your business web design project and make it up and running as soon as possible.

Wrapping up

If you haven’t built your business website yet, you must act instantly. There are many advantages associated with online presence that makes it essential for all businesses of any type. You must ensure that you have a good understanding of your business needs and requirements, choose the right web design service provider and get it done quickly. 

Wesima DMCC, as the leading digital service provider in the UAE, is always here to help. If you need any information about your project, feel free to contact us and book for your free consultation meeting with our talented team.

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