Price of a Corporate Website in Dubai

Price of a Corporate Website in Dubai

Cost of corporate web design is lower than an E-Commerce in general as online stores normally need more pages, security regulations and features. However, the price of a corporate web design can vary dramatically based on the quality of work, features provided, SEO standardized and other factors. Here in this article, we will be discussing the price of a corporate website design along with the other elements which affect the cost, so you will be able to have a precise estimation of the cost of your corporate website design.

Domain Name of Your Corporate Website

The name of your corporate website domain is free of charge unless it is already taken. Even though the domain name is free to select, in case your desired name is not available, you have to search for alternatives. Thus, the first thing you should be considering is your domain name and its availability.

Corporate Website Features can affect the price

The more you want, the more you must spend! This is an unchangeable rule. Every additional feature such as slide bar, SSL certificate, banners and so on, would add an additional penny to your invoice. Consequently, you must have a very clear mind of your purpose of building a corporate website for your business, so you will be able to smartly choose the exact features which are suitable for your business and not more! Thus, the cost of your corporate website design is highly correlated with the features you need.

Templates or Coding from Scratch?

There are a vast number of free templates through which you are able to design your website. However, you must consider the fact that a corporate website which is specifically designed for your business attracts more visitors rather than using a free template. More importantly, you will not meet (or partially meet) SEO standards for your website if you are willing to use templates or themes. We strongly suggest building your website from scratch to avoid SEO difficulties later.

Performance and ease of use

From the “User Experience” point of view, high speed response, easy navigation and fast loading content are important factors to motivate people to come back to your website. These advantages would take the price higher for your corporate website design in comparison with the websites with minimal content on only two “Contact Us” and “About Us” pages. As a conclusion, the functionality plays a crucial role in your corporate website to be successful.

Mobile Responsive

No need to say that, the majority of people who have access to the internet around the world, use their mobile phone to explore the internet rather than desktop and laptop computers. In such circumstances, having a mobile friendly corporate website would guarantee more people to visit your website and come back if they find it useful. To incorporate, additional cost would be added to your invoice. If you want to find out more about “Responsive Design” you can read our article about that.

Anticipated daily visitor

Yes! The more visitors, the more you must be prepared to welcome them! Assume a governmental service website that must be responding to thousands of people every single day. For such a website, a big professional coding team as well as a strong support team is needed with a fat budget to be in place. On the contrary, such a big effort for a corporate website with a few visitors per day is not required. Thus, you need to have a precise estimation of the number of daily visitors who will be navigating through your corporate website to arrange the coding accordingly. Failure to do that, will result in either too much money spent for a website with a few visitors or a website which crashes from time to time due to not being ready for many visitors.

How much the cost of a corporate website design and implementation would be?

As we have discussed above, there are a number of factors that affect the cost of a corporate website to be designed and implemented. Depending on the purpose of your corporate website the cost will vary. Besides, one more important factor for a website price is the designer/developer you choose to work with. The cost of working with freelancers will be much lower than working with a reputable company. Freelancers usually get the job done with less effort and loyalty and you cannot expect ongoing support from them as going forward. That’s why they charge you less! In contrast, mature companies with a proven successful resume, would charge more due to the quality of work and their future support. 

Long story short, the cost of a corporate website design in Dubai ranges from somewhere between 12,000 AED up to 30,000 AED. Obviously this is the price of working with reputable companies as we are not talking about the freelancers here.


Does the minimum package include the SEO standard?

Yes, it absolutely does! Today, complying with SEO standards for any kind of website is like food and water for the human body! You may have the most attractive and informative website with lots of money spent on but no one can find it! That’s a waste of time and money, isn’t it?

Therefore, all our packages do comply with SEO standards.

How long will it take to create a website for my business?

It again depends on what type of corporate website you are after. The more features and pages you need, the more time is required to design and build. However, the normal time range will be somewhere between 1 month up to 4 months at the latest. We also offer express service at a higher cost.

Do you offer a payment plan if I have limitations to pay the contract price in full?

Yes we do! Our main target is to work with a wide range of customers to help them through their journey by providing high quality services. Therefore, do not worry about the payment as we have a flexible payment plan on offer.

Does the minimum package offer any kind of support after the website is delivered?

Yes it does! Basically, website implementation without providing ongoing support does not make any sense, though that’s what some freelancers do, when offering you a very low cost package! Websima DMCC offers a free 3 months support after the project is delivered to the customer. This can go up to 12 months depending on the scale of the project. 

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