​​Corporate Website’s Features

​​Corporate Website’s Features


Creating a website for every kind of business is now mandatory. One of the simplest websites in today’s market is a corporate website, though it can be more complicated based on what the company owner is after. Even though the company website is normally simpler than other types of business websites, it still needs to have some important features as minimum requirements.

When it comes to corporate web design, the majority of people think about a main page, an “about us” page along with “Contact us” page and that’s it. Like we said before, corporate web design is less complicated, though there are some corporate website features which need to be considered as a must.

To be specific, we will be discussing the most important features that should be considered when we are planning for our corporate web design project.

Content Management System 

The content management system is an important factor in corporate web design. In terms of content management, the more useful and updated features a corporate website has, the more relevant audiences will be exploring your website on a daily routine. Here, we have listed the most useful features for you:

  • Unlimited content to be created and uploaded
  • Category and sub-category creation for contents
  • Tagging option for making smoother relations between different contents
  • The ability of adding multimedia files such as voices, videos and photos to the articles
  • The ability of adding the index picture to be shown on articles and news list
  • The capability of the content password protection for limitation purposes
  • The capability of issuing the contents at a specific time automatically
  • The capability of showing the article issuance date and time, number of visitors, author’s information and content categorization.

User’s feedback, review and comments management system

Having a system to receive the visitor’s feedback, analyze them and apply them if appropriate, helps your business experience a very healthy and steady growth based on your customers’ preferences. We have listed useful features below for your information:

  • Receiving user’s feedback on articles and website pages
  • Feedback management and responding capability through management panel
  • Users’ feedback publication after management approval
  • Capability of accepting every link associated with your contents from other referring websites
  • Capability of disabling the user’s feedback feature for any selected page of the website
  • Capability of disabling the user’s feedback feature for unregistered users
  • Capability of identifying and marking the spams and block them from being sent to users.
  • Capability of addressing any new feedback to the management through an email

Media Management System

Managing all the media related content to improve the user experience of your website will have a great positive effect on your website traffic. The most needed media management features are listed below:

  • Showing and editing feature for all photos, videos and voice files available on host.
  • Capability of resizing the photos through the management panel to be shown in different environments.
  • Capability of creating a photo gallery and showing them on every part of the website needed.
  • Complying with all photo improvement and SEO standards and principles.

Menu Management System

An appropriate feature to manage the menus of your website should be highly considered as ease of access to different parts of the website is important for better user experience. People do not like a complicated and difficult to understand roadmap to find what they are after. There are three main features to manage your website menu which are listed below:

  • Capability of unlimited menu creation to be shown on different parts of the website
  • Capability of adding wide range of links and pages to the menu
  • Capability of adding sub-menus

Contact Information Management System

The feature for customers to be in contact with you is your contact information. People should come to the conclusion that they are able to contact the management directly if they have any queries. Here are the most important features you need to have on your website:

  • “Contact Us” page to show all required contact details of your company
  • Capability of showing your location on Google Map on the “Contact Us” page
  • Capability of Contact us form creation, for users to ask about their queries through their personal email.


Users Management System

Registered users are the most valuable intellectual property of an online business. In other words, online business without loyal customers doesn’t make any sense. Therefore, creating a system to absorb and maintain users to your website is absolutely crucial for your online business. Here are the most important features needed for managing users:

  • Simple registration process for users
  • Capability of unlimited personal account creation at five different access levels.
  • Management supervision on contents created by the personnel and the capability of issuance with management approval only.
  • Capability of having access to the users’ contact details through the management panel.
  • Capability of registration, logging in and changing the password for all website users.



Does Websima DMCC provide these feature?

Yes, we have a professional team to design and build corporate websites with wide range of features including what are mentioned above.

How much these features would cost?

Generally, adding features would add cost to your project but not all of the features are expensive. You can check corporate website pricing to find out more. You may also contact us to get a quick quote.

What is Corporate Website?

Corporate website is referred to a website which is built for a company who is not willing to sell products or services online. It is usually applied against the eCommerce which is for businesses who are selling products or services on their websites.

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