What is typography in web design

There are many elements that affect a design for a website. Visualized content, graphical elements, images and a lot more, are put together by designers in order to shape an appealing design for a website. Even though the design trends have moved towards making more visualized content over the last decade, textual content still plays a pivotal role on website design and appearance. However, like animated and graphical elements, textual content must also be designed appropriately, in order to be in line with the whole design. To make the most out of your time and money, get a brief understanding of all website design aspects, if you are planning to develop your website, as the website design price in Dubai is relatively high.

What is website typography?

Typography is to appropriately select fonts in terms of size and colour in web design

Typography refers to the art of selecting, arranging and utilizing font type, size and color, in order to make the textual content clear and improves the legibility. In other words, typography is simply the art of designing textual content to be appealing for users. Typography and its best practices have come to existence and evolved over time for improving user experience. That is why that every single reputable SEO company in Dubai or all other parts of the world consider typography as one of the most important factors when it comes to improving UX and SEO performance.

The importance of proper typography in web design

  • Typography creates brand recognition

A proper, unique and constant typographical design will be associated with your brand over time. In other words an appropriate typography acts like your logo and remains in users minds. This is the most important element for you to consider if you are looking to build your brand with the help of a professional web design company in Dubai

  • Typography makes your website visually appealing and memorable

Appropriate typography creates an excellent first impression for users who just enter into your website. A well-designed website in terms of typography creates and improves a website’s personality and enhances users’ feeling, so they will most probably stay longer and come back again.

  • Typography attracts users’ attention

Typography can hold users’ attention on a website or on a particular content by creating an eye-catching and hierarchical appearance. As such, users tend to stay longer on your website or read through an article to the end.

  • Typography motivate users to take action 

By building trust and brand recognition, creating quality and eye-catching appearance and providing convenience to read and surf, typography is able to motivate users to take action. For instance, if a user visits an ecommerce website and feels happy with the information and how it is presented, it is most likely that the user takes action.

Typography errors that must be avoided

There are mistakes and errors that must be avoided in a web design typography

To take advantage of benefits associated with a proper typography in your website, there are some errors that must be avoided. It is quite important for you to fully understand and avoid these errors. The reason behind it is that it not only can impact your website appearance negatively, but also plays a crucial role on how to make a mobile responsive website, as things are smaller on mobile screens, so the typography must be designed wisely.

  • Do not use too small fonts in your website typography

Using very small fonts, in most cases, prevents users from reading. Internet users are after convenience, so very small fonts would turn them down. Even if the small fonts are needed due to the type of the design, make sure to not overuse. 

  • Not using paragraphs is another mistake in typography

A textual content that is not appropriately paragraphed, doesn’t look professional and trustworthy. In addition, the readability of such a text is considered to be poor. 

  • No headings would adversely affect your website typography

Using proper headings within a textual content or a design makes it more understandable and readable for users. No headings in place, will end up with less readers.

  • Be careful with background patterns

Applying photos or even colors as a background of a text can have negative impacts on the legibility of a text. Your typography designer must be careful of using such design elements, as the textual content background.

  • Never use too many typeface on webpage

Typeface plays an important role on creating an eye-catching website in general and on web homepage design in particular. However, applying many typefaces on your website will make it look unprofessional. The rule of thumb here is to use two typefaces at the most.

It is always a good idea to understand the importance of typography and the dos and don’ts, not only for clients, but also for newcomers to the web design industry who are looking to start their own career in web design. For further information on how to start your web design career, you may read the how to web design for beginners article.

Summary of web design typography

Typography in web design is an absolute important element that must be considered carefully with the help of an experienced web design company. It plays a pivotal role on a website appearance and how users feel, when entering into a website. A professional typography in web design would extremely enhance the user experience and consequently the conversion rate.

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