How to build a homepage? Comprehensive guide to build a homepage

To build a homepage that is worth visiting, there are a few important factors that must be complied with. Nowadays, a homepage is  not about designing a web page that outlines your company name and what your company does! Your website homepage as the frontline and showcase of your business, must be designed in a way that serves a wide range of audiences with different backgrounds. As such, if you are looking for services like web design in Dubai, to design an eye-catching website that motivates visitors to stay and surf, make sure that your homepage design is done in compliance with  the below important factors.

Website Homepage is like the showcase of a business.

What are the most important factors to be applied when designing a homepage?

  • Simple, clean an easy to understand headline is a must-have for a homepage

It won’t be long for users to make a decision to stay or leave. To make visitors motivated, a professional headline that outlines the business and what it is offering plays a crucial role. The headline must be simple, easy to understand and help visitors to quickly figure out whether they have come to the right place. By doing so, the visitors who are not interested in your products and service would instantly leave your website, but the quality audiences will stay!

  • A few primary Call-To-Action buttons must be in place in your homepageA few Call to Action buttons must be placed on the homepage

Never leave your visitors to hang around in your homepage to find what they are after. A couple of primary CTA buttons above the fold help users to understand instantly and take action if interested. As an example, for an ecommerce web design in Dubai, the search tool is a good CTA to be placed on the homepage in front of users’ eyes. By doing so, users will easily search for what they want and would convert, if they find their needs.

  • Apply visualized elements on your homepage for a better user experience

Nowadays, internet users prefer to watch rather than read. That’s why using proper images or videos would add great value to your homepage from a user experience perspective. Hence, make sure to use visualized content in order to promote the products or services you are offering. Also, don’t forget to add alt text to your images, as it would improve your website SEO in Dubai and globally if applicable.

  • Describe the value and benefits of your services and products on your homepage

There are an endless number of online platforms that provide the same products and services. As such, users are eager to understand what would be the value of buying from your website and not from the others. To convert your visitors to happy customers, make sure to list all the benefits that are associated with buying from your website. Keep your list simple, classified, neat and easy to understand.

  • A well-designed homepage contains a clear path to all website’s sections

Visitors must conveniently be able to understand how to navigate on your website, once they enter the homepage. To do so, a clear and hierarchically designed navigation menu must be placed above the fold on top of the homepage. The navigation menu must be informative and easily understandable for all users, in order to push them to navigate your website. Even though website development cost in Dubai is relatively high if it comes from a professional firm, make sure to work with a reputable one, as making the right hierarchical navigation menu requires a high level of knowledge and market experience. 

  • Share customer satisfaction stories on your homepage to make visitors trust more

Paying money online for products that are not physically seen or for services that haven’t been provided yet is usually stressful. Internet users will not disclose their bank details until they can trust an online platform. Sharing real people’s experience who have used your products and services already would have a great impact on new users to trust your online business. Therefore, a number of testimonials from your happy customers must be shared with newcomers to make them confident. 

Wrapping up

A landing page is where a potential customer firstly enters and makes the decision to stay and surf or leave and look for other platforms. It is significantly important to design your landing page. In addition to the crucial factor that we have discussed earlier in this article, there are quite a few elements that must be paid high attention to, in order to design an attractive homepage. As an example, when a designer utilizes some visualized elements to make a homepage eye-catching and easier to understand, there are some factors in terms of fonts and images such as proper size and quality for the sake of mobile-friendliness of your homepage. As such, you must make sure to work with a well-experienced design firm who are a guru on how to make a mobile responsive website

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