What is PPC marketing and shall I use it?

You have definitely come across advertisements on top and bottom of Google result pages, when searching for a keyword, or while you are scrolling down and up in a social media platform. These Ads are called PPC or pay-per-click advertisements.

Pay per Click advertisement approach is a cost effective method in which, you will only be charged when a user click on your Ad

In contrast with the traditional advertising approach, where businesses must have paid the advertisement fee beforehand, regardless of the number of visitors, with the PPC method, you will pay only when a visitor clicks on your link. How good is that?

Website design cost in Dubai is relatively high, so if you are a start-up or a small business, PPC would be a good marketing option for you due to its cost-effectiveness.

There are several other advantages associated with the PPC method that we will go through shortly, but let’s firstly see how PPC works.

How does PPC marketing work?

Advertisers normally bid on specific keywords or a phrase that they want their Ad to come up, when those keywords are searched. When a user searches for those keywords, the advertiser’s Ad appears on top of the result page. In case the user clicks on the Ad, a fee will be charged to the advertiser. 

The good thing about PPC is that advertisers are able to filter out the users by applying a few factors such as demographics, geographical location, interest, etc. Based on these factors, the search engine, through its algorithms, decides whether to show your Ad to a user or not. PPC is a cost-effective marketing approach, as you will only be charged if a user clicks on your Ad. 

Even though the PPC approach has lots of advantages, you still need to have a continuous content marketing plan and search engine optimization, as both approaches go hand in hand. Hence, make sure to find the best provider of SEO services in Dubai, for improving your website’s performance on Google organically, as well as considering PPC marketing approach. 

Why should you use PPC marketing?

There are several advantages associated with PPC marketing. Here are the most important ones.

1- Instant Result

You will see the results quickly by utilizing PPC marketing. Once you have applied, the PPC platform shows your Ad to your targeted audiences. As such, a considerable amount of traffic will be directed to your website. 

2- Cost-Effective

You never pay until a user clicks on your Ad. That is a good thing about PPC, as you will not pay for an Ad that might not get even one user to enter into your website. 

3- Quality Audiences

PPC on search engines and social media platforms provide you with the capability of choosing your targeted audiences based on their interests, demographics, geographical location and a lot more. That is a very valuable feature that is provided by PPC platforms, as they help you to show your Ads to your targeted audiences only.

4- Precisely Measurable

The advertiser is able to measure the results of  their PPC marketing campaign in terms of CTR, Conversion Rate, ROI and some other KPIs. By having those data in hand, the advertiser is able to easily analyze the campaign result and make decisions on continuing on the same track or make changes.

5- Supplementary for SEO

SEO-friendly content creation and other efforts to improve your rank on SERPs organically is the best way for growing your business. However, it takes time and a lot of effort. PPC  marketing helps here by driving traffic to your website, while you are improving your website rank on Google organically. Furthermore, the results and analytics from the PPC campaign can be used for improving your SEO plan and strategy.

Top PPC marketing platforms

Major search engines and social media platforms are the best places for PPC marketing

Search engines and social media platforms are the best place for PPC marketing. Here are the top ten platforms for you to skyrocketing your sales.  

  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Bing
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Tiktok
  • X (Twitter)
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Bidvertiser

These platforms provide a comprehensive package for you to set your goals, define your targeted audiences, choose your strategic keywords and measure all the important metrics to see how your PPC marketing campaigns are performing.

Where to start?

Based on your business type, you must select an appropriate platform to work with. For instance, if you have started  your own business by providing web design services, Google, Youtube and Bing are all good choices. Besides, you must firstly set your goals and define your targeted audiences, so your PPC campaign will be progressing on the right track. More importantly, you must select keywords with care to be not very short and not very long and be relevant to what your business is about. In our web design company example, if you are focusing more on designing an ecommerce website, “ecommerce website design” will not work well for you, as the competition is very tight on such straightforward and short keywords. Instead, you can use “ecommerce website features list” as your strategic keywords. Keep in mind to use Google analytics and Google Search Console, when defining your target keywords. 


PPC marketing is considered to be very effective for all businesses in general and for small businesses and start-ups in particular. There are many advantages associated with the PPC marketing approach such as cost-effectiveness, measurability, quick results, reaching quality audiences and a lot more.

It is highly recommended to work with a professional digital marketing service provider to set up your PPC campaign. However, you are able to do it yourself, if you fully understand the rules and guidelines to follow, in order to put your steps on the right track and build a lucrative online business.    

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