Pros and Cons of saving cost on website design by working with freelancers

Working with freelancers for web design is popular due to cost advantage.

In today’s digital world, all business owners must have a website and improve their online presence. However, the first concern, particularly for small businesses is the cost of web design services in Dubai. Even though the majority of business owners are aware of the importance of online presence, they are constantly looking for ways to save on website development costs.

One of the first tricks that comes to people’s mind is to work with freelancers and unregistered offshore web design companies, as they usually offer very low cost packages in comparison with registered companies. Let’s dive deep inside and see what are the pros and cons with such a decision.

Advantages of working with freelancers

  • Cost Effectiveness

Obviously, the best advantage of working with freelancers or offshore companies is their low cost. Such entities offer lower prices due to many reasons, so it is quite tempting for business owners to work with them and save a considerable amount of money.

  • More focused

Generally, freelancers can handle one project at a time. If you work with a freelancer to build your website, you can expect their attention on your project only. The good thing about it is that you will have more time to be in contact in order to ensure all needs and requirements are considered. 

  • Flexibility

When it comes to making minor or major changes to the design from your side, freelancers are more flexible to cope with the changes and revise the design.

Disadvantages of working with freelancers

  • Lack of broad web design knowledge

Most freelancers have deeper knowledge in one specific area and suffer from lack of experience and knowledge in other areas. For instance, a freelance designer who knows what the UX design principle is, may not be very professional at what UI design is and how it impacts SEO. As such, one of the most important cons of working with freelancers or offshore companies is lack of comprehensive knowledge about web design. 

  • Unknown credibility and trustworthiness

There are many credible and trustworthy freelancers as well as quite a few unreliable ones out there. But, how could you identify the credibility of a freelancer or an offshore company? They are rarely able to show you their track record of success due the nature of their method of working. As such, there is always a risk of nor delivering quality work and no commitment to fix it up.

  • Limited or no after sales support

In most cases, freelancers and offshore companies are not offering quality support after the website is delivered to their client. You can not expect proper support from freelancers and offshore companies. This is a big ongoing concern for you, if you choose to work with freelancers, as technical issues are inevitable and will happen from time to time.

Shall we work with freelancers at last?

To avoid risks, it is recommended to work with freelancers, if you are familiar with web design

There are many freelancers and offshore companies who are providing web design services in Dubai and across the globe. Hence, there are clients who make the decision to work with them. There are several advantages associated with such an approach that we outlined a few of them earlier in this article. For instance, the cost advantage is quite important for some clients and they have no choice other than taking the risks and working with freelancers. We believe that working with freelancers is suitable for people who are familiar with web design and technical issues. For instance, you must have a clue about what the most common web design mistakes are, in order to take care of the service you intend to receive from a freelancer. Hence, if you don’t know the ropes at all, avoid working with freelancers and instead, find a professional and registered web design service provider to build your website.

Wrapping up

There are quite a few advantages with leaving your web design with freelancers. They are cheaper, available and flexible for making changes and revisions and more focused on your specific project. However, the shortage of broad knowledge and skills in terms of web design and all aspects and requirements along with weak after sales support makes confusions about the worthiness of following this approach. 

As a rule of thumb, if you have enough information and knowledge about web design and what exactly you want, and also if you are capable of fixing at least minor technical issues, you can work with them. Otherwise, it is recommended to choose a professional and registered web design service provider to build your website.

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