How to save on website development cost

Online presence is now necessary for all types of businesses

In today’s digital world, every business or entity regardless of the type and size must have a website. Everyone who is thinking of starting a business, no matter whether the actual business is carried out offline or online, must consider a website at the first step. However, for entrepreneurs with limited budgets in their pocket, the web design cost in Dubai, or any other part of the globe has always been a concern.

Even if you are a guru in programming and web design, it is not possible to build a website at zero cost, as there are many things such as host and domain that you need to pay for.

However, assuming that you are a beginner in the industry, we are going to provide some good tips to help you with building a cost-effective website.

Factors with the highest impact on web design cost and how to save on each

1- Website Type

There are basically two types of website that you can choose from; custom or template. It goes without saying that a custom website gives you full control and a high level of flexibility, but it costs you more. To save cost, you can go with a template website option and build your website accordingly. There are quite a few excellent platforms like WordPress offering a wide range of free templates for your website. However, make sure to learn the principles of web design first. 

2- Website Design

A proper design that is suitable for your specific business type needs knowledge and experience. It is recommended to work with a reputable web design service provider in your region to consider all important aspects, in particular UI/UX design for a professional website. After all, if you are willing to do the design by yourself, it is possible through free/paid plugins on major content management systems like WordPress. If you decide to do so, make sure to become familiar with how to do UX research and how to incorporate UX in your design, as it plays a crucial role on your website to be user friendly. 

3- Content creation

Content is the king. It plays a crucial role on a website organic growth

Content is the king! You might have heard it multiple times. That’s true. It is the quality content that ranks your website up on major search engines like Google and improves your conversion rate. You must generate content in a timely manner and it must be relevant with your strategic keywords inside! You may either leave it in the capable hand of a professional SEO agency or do it yourself. If you choose to generate content yourself you must be very careful as it is the main building block of your website SEO performance. We would like to highly recommend making yourself professional on how to write SEO-friendly content beforehand.

4- Domain and Host

Even though it is not possible for you to get a domain name and host service for free, you can choose the right one at the cheapest price. For instance, your domain name with .com extension normally costs more with .NET extension. For host service, the shared service is the cheapest option that you can go with, at least for the first 6 months that you don’t expect much traffic. Besides, the cloud based host service can be a good option for your special business type.

5- website features and number of webpages

Depending on the type and size of your business, your website needs some features and also webpages. Firstly, make sure to put all essential features in while avoiding fancy features in order to save cost. Also, try your best to keep the number of web pages as low as possible. More features and more web pages mean more cost. As such, you must effectively choose the essential features as well as the number of web pages.

Wrapping up and things to consider with care

You must be aware that we have only covered the main areas where you can save some money for the sake of building a low budget website. There are many essential areas such as website security, SEO enhancement, payment gateway (if applicable) and a lot more that you must be ready to pay for. Furthermore, the factors that we have talked about earlier in this article and how to save cost on each of them are applicable for small scale and simple websites. For more complicated websites such as ecommerce or marketplace, the story is different. 

Lastly, if you are in need of help or support during your journey of building your own website, we are always here to help. Contact Websima DMCC and book for your free consultation meeting with our talented team.  

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