How to claim my business on “Google My Business” in Dubai?

GMB, short for “Google My Business,” is a service offered by Google that helps local businesses with their promotion and online presence. Through GMB, business owners can manage and control how their businesses are displayed and appear across various Google platforms. This includes managing business information, such as contact details, opening hours, and locations, responding to customer reviews, and engaging with potential customers. GMB plays a crucial role in enhancing the visibility and discoverability of local businesses on Google’s search engine and maps.

What is GMB (Google My Business)?

GMB, or “Google My Business,” is a service provided by Google to assist local businesses with promotion. GMB allows business owners to manage their businesses’ appearance across Google. Have you ever noticed that sometimes, Google suggests companies and retailers on your result page? This type of information for every single business comes from the GMB. Below, you can see an example of such information when a user searches for “restaurants in Dubai”:

Google My Business or GMB

Why is GMB important for our business?

A presence on GMB (Google My Business) is crucial if you own a local company or retail business. Google’s verification adds credibility to your business, building trust among users. GMB provides valuable information to users directly from the search results page, such as business hours, website links, location, and customer reviews. It significantly enhances your Local SEO efforts, improving your visibility in local searches. To learn more about the “Local SEO” concept, we recommend reading our blog article titled “What is the Local SEO.”

How can GMB Help my Business?

Different features in GMB can improve your business account in Google. You can add photos, reply to reviews and questions, inform people of an important event, indicate your location, put your website link, introduce your products, and many more options. A business without GMB will only survive in Dubai if your customers are highly offline! If you own a business or retailer in Dubai/UAE and have yet to apply for GMB, do so as soon as possible.

How can GMB Help my Business

How can we claim our business on Google?

You can claim your business in the “Google MY Business” service by following the instruction below:

  • Create a Gmail account, as your business account will be linked to a Gmail account later.
  • Provide some information about your business in the GMB section. This information must include your business name, location, services and products, photos, logo, and other elements.
  • Google starts to verify your business at this stage. Google must ensure your ownership to give you access to the business account. To do so, Google uses different methods as below:
    a) Google sends you a parcel with a code, and you will receive the parcel at your declared business location. After receiving the parcel, you only need to enter the code into your account. It takes more than a month to receive the parcel in Dubai.
    b) Google’s representative gives you a video call to see the environment and your business place. This would be quicker, though Google decides which option to use.
    c) Occasionally, Google asks for documents such as rental contracts or business licenses to confirm your business. They even asked for a Car Registration Card when you ask for a client’s account verification.

Bear in mind that the decision of how your account will be verified is on Google. However, if a method is impossible for you to respond to, Google will change the technique accordingly.

  • After verifying your business, your account status will be changed to “Pending Review.” This usually takes 3 working days for Google to review and verify your account. However, it might take up to 2 weeks in some cases.
  • Once all steps are taken, your business will go LIVE, and users will be able to see the details of your business. As the business owner, you will also have permanent access to your account to change your business information if required.

Remember that during this process, you can always contact GMB support in case of any issues. They are beneficial and responsive.

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How long does it take to get access to our business in Google?

That depends on Google. If they decide to use the parcel method to verify your account, you should expect at least 6 weeks for the verification. Other methods would be much faster. In General, you should expect the whole process to be done within 2 weeks up to 2 months if your business is in Dubai/UAE.

Choose Websima for GMB Services in Dubai

If you want to avail GMB services in Dubai, look no further than Websima DMCC.

Websima DMCC is an excellent choice for harnessing the full potential of GMB services to enhance the credibility and visibility of your business on Google. Being verified by Google instills trust and reliability among users, increasing customer confidence in your brand.

Moreover, users can easily access valuable information about your business through the search result page, including operating hours, website links, location, and customer reviews. By utilizing Websima’s GMB services, you actively improve your business’s visibility and local search presence, ultimately driving greater success in the digital market.

In addition to GMB services, Websima DMCC is preferred for other professional services, such as website design in Dubai and SEO in Dubai. With Websima, you can benefit from comprehensive solutions tailored to your business needs, ensuring a strong online presence and optimal performance in the digital landscape.

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