How to register a website on Google

The most important task after your website is designed, is to register it on Google, so Google will be aware of your website existence and Google crawlers will be visiting and scanning your website from time to time. Once your website is up and running, you must register it in Google Search Console for the reasons mentioned above. We, through this article, will show you the different standard methods to do so. Please read through the article with care, so you will be able to get this important task done on your own.

Website Registration Steps on Google

How to register a website on Google Search Console

As the first step, you must visit the Google Search Console main page and login by your Gmail account. Once you are logged in, a page pops up that provides you with two options for registration as below:

  1. Domain Property

The prerequisite of this method is to have access to the DNS settings of your domain, as it means to Google that you have a high level access which confirms your ownership to that website.

Under this method, a DNS record will be provided by Google Search Console and you must enter it into your domain DNS settings. Your capability of making changes to your domain DNS settings confirms your high level access, so your ownership will be verified by Google.

  • The good thing about this method is that you will have full access to all addresses, subdomains and folders under that specific domain name.
  • The bad thing about this method is that you might not be capable of making changes to your website’s DNS code. If so, this method will not be applicable.

     2. URL Prefix

By using this method, you are not required to have access to your domain DNS settings, however your access will be limited to a specific address like a subdomain or a folder. In other words, you will only have access to data of specific addresses to manage. To start, enter your website address completely, like it is available to users( for instance   Google will provide you with a few methods for authentication purposes as below.

    A. HTML File Upload

Uploading a HTML file into your main host root is the Google recommended method. Under this method, a specific HTML file will be created and becomes available for you to download. Then, you must upload the file into the root directory of your website/host. Once your file is completely uploaded into your website’s root directory, return to Google Search Console and click on the Verify button. 

    B. HTML Tag

In case of a situation in which you don’t have access to your server or host, or even you don’t have the capability of downloading the HTML file, there is another option for you which is called HTML Tag. You need to simply click on “other verification method” and then select “HTML Tag”. A specific HTML code will be provided for you to put it on the <head> section of your homepage. Hence, you must be able to do so, for this method to work.

If you are using WordPress and are not familiar with doing the process in WordPress, you can utilize the Yoast plugin to put the code into your website.

    C. Google Analytics

If you are using Google Analytics for your website, a simple method is there for you to conveniently register your website on Google Search Console. You just need to choose the Google Analytics option and click the Verify button to be authenticated instantly. You must pay attention that this option will only be valid, if you have created your Google Analytics account with the same Gmail account that you have used to register your website on Google Search Console. It is worth to say that if the Google Analytics code were removed from your website, your access to Google Search Console would be cancelled.  

The website is registered on Google, what to do next?

Google Search Console offers a wide range of valuable services

Once your website is registered on Google Search Console, you will have access to a variety of valuable tools to understand how your website is performing and improve its performance accordingly. One of the most important tools that you must be using is called URL Inspection. This tool makes you capable of introducing the most important web pages of your website to Google, so Google crawlers will directly go to those pages to scan. By utilizing URL Inspection your website indexing will be accelerated.

Like mentioned above, Google Search Console provides a wide range of tools for analysis and enhancement purposes that you must take advantage of. For instance, if you are thinking of starting your ecommerce business and you are looking for ecommerce web development in Dubai, you must bear in mind that Google Search Console will be very helpful during your journey to make your ecommerce business lucrative.


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