What is interactive web design

The online business sector has been growing rapidly over the last decade. The intention of users to go online has been on a rise and it is expected to continue to grow in the future. To take advantage of such an attractive opportunity, the number of online businesses are rising rapidly, so the competition among the market participants gets tighter. To stand out of the crowd, website designers and business owners are always trying to improve and evolve, in order to enhance user experience to get more visitors into their own platform. Interactive website design is one of the effective best practices to improve user experience. Regardless of being an online business owner in the UAE or a professional web design company in Dubai, the approach is now widely used by many market participants across the globe.

Interactive web design approach enhances user experience

What does an interactive website design mean?

In general, the interactive design approach is to design a website that visitors can easily interact with through different tools and features. The goal is to engage users as much as possible and help them with quick and convenient surfing options, in order to create a pleasing experience out of their visiting and navigating the website. There are a number of features and options that are utilized by designers and developers to make the website as interactive as possible. The features are chosen based on the website type and the business nature. For example, a search option is an important feature for an ecommerce website, so users will be able to search for what they want instantly, rather than looking through different categories. On the other hand, a search option might not be suitable for a dental office but rather an online chat box would be a perfect feature for a dental clinic website to be more interactive.

What are the advantages of interactive web design approach?

There are many benefits associated with interactive design approaches. We will go through the most important ones now.

  • Interactive web design engages visitors more

Users are more eager to stay on an interactive website. Basically,  the majority of users who land on your webpage, are in need of a piece of information. If an interactive feature like an assistant chatbot is perfectly placed in  your webpage, users will become enthusiastic to stay longer on your website and interact more.

  • Interactive web design improves SEO

From a SEO perspective, there are many benefits associated with interactive web design approaches that we will go through shortly. It goes without saying that interactive web design would improve SEO and your rank on major search engines like Google. If you are looking to improve your website’s rank on Google, make sure to make your website interactive as well as working with a reputable SEO company in Dubai

  • Interactive web design converts more

Interactive web design approach is able to personalize the shopping experience for individual users. Furthermore, visitors are most likely to trust websites that sound to be convenient and informative. As such, users are more eager to take action which will lead to a better conversion rate.

  • Websites with interactive design are more likely to be shared

Interactive websites provide personal experience for individual users. As such, it is most likely for users to share their personal stories on social media. Being shared on popular social media helps improve your brand awareness and more traffic is likely to be directed to your website.

How to create an interactive website

To build your own website, you must be very careful to have a detailed and precise plan in place, as the website design price in Dubai is relatively high. Hence, make yourself familiar with how to make your website more user-friendly by creating an interactive website, in order to take yourself in a better position of choosing the right design for your website. Here are the most important methods to create an interactive website.

  • Social Media is a powerful interaction elementSocial Media is a powerful tool to make websites more interactive

It goes without saying that social media is one of the strongest marketing tools these days. You can make your website interactive by making users capable of sharing and liking your website’s content in popular social media platforms. 

  • Utilizing of relevant interactive tools and elements

Simple tools such as online assessments, calculators, surveys, tests and a lot more can engage users and improve interactions. Where applicable, search tools are also quite important when it comes to designing an interactive website. 

  • Contact and feedback forms as well as chat boxes make users to interact more 

Retaining users on a website is the main goal of the interactive design approach. Providing contact and feedback forms make users feel that their opinions and feedback matter, so they will be more enthusiastic to get engaged. Likewise, the chat boxes that make users able to ask questions live on a website and get their required information instantly, are another great tool for making a website interactive.


In the digital era that we are living in, taking your business online is necessary but not sufficient. There are many gold standards, techniques and tactics to make your website stand out of the crowd and be different. An interactive web design approach is now trending across the globe and users prefer such designs more than before. When it comes to comparing interactive design approach with static design approach, the static approach looks pretty much like a store that is full of inventory but with no sales person in place to communicate with the customers. The interactive design approach acts as a professional sales person who helps visitors to make the best decision.

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