What is Google Search Console?

What is Google Search Console?

You might have come across the situation that your business doesn’t perform well on search engines, even if you have an appropriate SEO plan in place. This is something that happens frequently for many businesses all around the world. To avoid being surprised by poor SEO results and make appropriate changes to a SEO plan before it’s too late, you must monitor and measure your SEO performance in a reasonable timeframe.

There are quite a few precise methods and tools, in order to measure your SEO performance. Even though we will only go through Google Search Console to explain it further in this article, you may read How to evaluate my website’s SEO article, for a better understanding of other methods and tools.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console, which was named Google Webmaster Tools before 2015, is a free tool provided by Google to all market participants. The tool provides a wide range of metrics to help market participants measure the overall website performance in terms of search volume and user experience. Search Console also makes Google capable of communicating when a security issue is discovered.

The main Google Search Console features at a glance

1-      Track and Monitor Crawling and Indexing.

2-      Analysis of internal links and inbound/outbound external links.

3-      Assess the overall search performance.

4-      Discover and sort out errors and issues.

5-      Indexing request.

Even though it’s not a Google ranking factor to use search console, due to the precise analysis and detailed monitoring it can provide, it is highly recommended to utilize, for the sake of measuring your SEO performance.

Actions you can take to improve SEO by utilizing GSC

There are many improving actions you can take by using GSC for the sake of better SEO performance. Below, there are a few, out of many tasks you can accomplish.

1-      Spot underperforming keywords

Keywords that are not ranking high on Google search results are identifiable by using GSC. There are user-friendly tools and analytic reports that GSC provides, to make you capable of finding such keywords. Then, you will be able to identify the associated web pages that are preventing these keywords from jumping higher. The next step will be manual analysis to see whether there are rooms to enhance the page by optimizing page loading speed, add some internal links and a lot more.


2-      Find and optimize pages with high Google rank but low Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

GSC makes you capable of identifying pages that are suffering from less than average CTR while they are ranking high on Google. You might have seen such pages that their rank on Google is not in line with the traffic they receive. Once identified, the underlying reason must be investigated, so some corrective action would improve the CTR and consequently SEO performance.


3-      Optimize your sitemap

A sitemap is crucial for Google crawlers to understand how to read through your website and multiple web pages. Hence, for the purpose of indexing, you must submit a sitemap to GSC beforehand. There is always a probability that your sitemap is not SEO optimized or contains errors and issues. GSC provides a service to analyze your sitemap and get back to you with the areas that need improvement.


4-      Analyze web pages from internal links perspective

Internal links play a vital role on how Google bots crawl within a website. The more internal links are created, the more understandable your website becomes for Google crawlers. Therefore, building internal links within your contents would improve your SEO performance.

GSC allows you to find pages that are lacking from appropriate internal links. By utilizing this feature, you are able to spot the web pages that are suffering from adequate internal links.


5-      Identify pages with traffic drop

Webpages traffic won’t last long as the page becomes old and outdated. You may find these pages by utilizing GSC and see if there is still a possibility for them to get traffic, like they did before. If so, you can apply some On-Page SEO techniques to get traffic runs toward them again.


6-      Backlinks Analysis

Backlinks or inbound links are the links that other authoritative websites create to one of your webpages. Backlinks, if received from a reputable website, could have a huge positive impact on your site SEO performance.

GSC provides the capability of analyzing your contents to see what type of subject and contents get the most backlinks from well-known websites. By having such valuable information in hand, you are able to focus on generating contents that are more likely to get backlinks from such websites.


Google Search Console is a Sophisticated Measuring Tool

The benefits and services that GSC can provide are far beyond the items that were outlined in this article. GCS is a strong tool that can definitely add great value to your online business by providing facilities for the purpose of improving your website’s SEO performance.

GCS provides a wide range of different analyses about many SEO performance factors. It goes without saying that without a well-experienced SEO consultant to precisely interpret the information and decide on the right corrective action, GCS wouldn’t add much value to your website SEO performance.

Even though the cost of professional SEO service is considerably high, it is highly recommended to work with a professional web design and digital marketing service provider to make the most out of GSC.

We, here at Websima, are more than happy to help, if you are planning to analyze your SEO performance by utilizing GCS or any other measuring tool.

If that’s the case, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a free consultation meeting and we will take care of the rest.

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