Trusted SEO Agencies in Dubai

If you have a company/retail in Dubai and looking for a company to improve your rank in Google with SEO services, you must read this article before applying for anything.

relase date 29th May, 2021
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Several agencies in Dubai offer SEO services with a different range of prices. But who can we trust? Why are the prices so different?

You may have even tried to search on the internet to find a company in Dubai, and you have faced too many options to choose from. This article will give you some tips to be considered before deciding to deal with them.

What is the company experienced in the SEO market?

It is the first question. How experienced are they? If they have enough successful projects in hand, it will be a positive point for them. The other issue you should ask is that how many years they’ve been in this business? Because during the time, methods and standards of the SEO have been changed. So, a company with more than ten years of experience is aware of the market moves and history.

Does the company use the updated methods to SEO your website?

As we discussed above, the methods and standards of SEO have been changed during the time. Maybe ten years ago, it was much easier to go to the first rank of Google, and there were some “Black Hat” solutions to do that. Nowadays, it is becoming more accurate and difficult to climb up the pages on Google. Google algorithms are cleverer and more dynamic. Today, applying “Black Hat” methods and cheating is not recommended at all. Not only they are not working, but they may also affect your SEO negatively.

We mentioned above that experience is an essential factor for an SEO agency. But an experienced company without updated methods would be worse than a newly updated company.

Is the offer makes sense in terms of SEO cost?

It would be best if you always considered the offers that do not make sense as fraud. If the price of an SEO project is extraordinarily high or low, don’t deal with them. To understand the cost of an SEO project in Dubai, we suggest you read the “SEO Price in Dubai” article.

Remember that many companies or freelancers in this market offer low prices to get the job. After that, you will either not improve or improve slowly. If you don’t have enough financial resources to deal with a good company, don’t invest at all! Because dealing with low-cost companies would waste your money and time with no significant outcome.

Is the offer makes sense in terms of responsibilities?

If an agency is offering you to take your website on the first page of Google in 1 month, would you deal with them? If yes, then you are trapped in another fraud. SEO is a long-term investment. There is absolutely NO guarantee that how you will improve. Websima DMCC guarantees that your SEO will improve, and your website will show up in some searches. We also guarantee that after 6 to 12 months, you will be on the first page of Google in some important keywords. But it cannot happen in a brief period and for all the keywords. The agencies that guarantee you a position in Google in a short time are mostly fraud or inexperienced.

Are they working legally in Dubai to SEO your website?

When you are searching for an SEO agency in Dubai, you will face many offshore Indian companies offering you a very low-cost service. If you think you are clever that you’ve found them, you are wrong. They are always there to hunt you, deal with you, get the money and do the job with the lowest possible quality. If you don’t believe it, search about them on the internet. We suggest you read the recent “Hamad Mubarak Al-Hajiri” LinkedIn post. He is one of the influencer entrepreneurs in the IT industry based in Doha, Qatar:

“One of my early-stage mistakes years back is building my tech with Indian companies, they are not honest, want to get the money of your wallet as soon as possible & giving you a broken application that not functional .. I think soon India will have tech crisis after everyone moving to east Europe & Central Asia”

Sadly, this is true! You can deal with Indian companies but make sure that they are at least registered in Dubai/UAE.

Are they offering you a clear SEO plan?

We always say that the most crucial step in SEO is the strategy planning. If a company is offering you SEO services without precise strategy planning, it will not work.

In Websima DMCC, we offer one whole month for strategy planning only and then start the project. That’s because we don’t want to fail. So, please ask any company or agency you are dealing with to show you precise strategy planning and road map for the SEO project. It is your right to know the schedule, scale, and road map of your project.


You can contact us to get a free consultation about your SEO project, and we will be more than happy to help you.

Please share your experience with us in the comments. Let us know if you had a successful or failed deal with an SEO agency in Dubai.