Most common SEO mistakes and how to avoid or fix them

Running an online business without optimizing it for best performance on SERPs is like opening a store in the middle of nowhere. Even if you stuff your store with the best products, your business will fail sooner or later, as no customer steps in!

That is the same thing for online businesses of any type. Your online business showcase, which is your website, must be optimized to perform best on major search engines. There are gold standards and best practices to improve your website SEO. Likewise, there are some errors and mistakes that are happening frequently by market participants in terms of search engine optimization. If you are looking for services like web design in Dubai, read this article to the end, for the sake of a healthy SEO plan for your website.

There are many incorrect SEO improvement methods that damage SEP performance

SEO mistakes and best relevant solutions

The price of SEO services in Dubai, like web design Dubai price is not cheap! Hence, you must be vigilant to avoid faults, in terms of your SEO plan. Here are the most important pitfalls for your website SEO. 

1. Fail to optimize website speed

Your website loading speed, as well as webpages and CTA buttons must be optimized to react as fast as possible. Both internet users and major search engines like Google are quite sensitive on the website loading speed. Slow loading websites doesn’t look trustworthy and professional, and will end you up with a poor rank for your website.

Speed Optimization Solutions:

  • Use Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Optimize photos and images without sacrificing the quality
  • Minify JavaScript and CSS files
  • Put limitation on the number of HTTP request
  • Limit the usage of redirects

2. Not properly understand the search intent


You must understand how your targeted audiences think and how they search to find what they are looking for. By recognizing the search intent properly, you will be able to craft a quality keyword list that creates traffic for your website.

Search intent understanding solutions

Put your feet on your audiences’ shoes. Try to fully understand the search intent, what keywords they frequently choose to search for their required items, and how they want to fulfil their needs.  

3. Targeting inappropriate keywords

Keywords that are not suitable for your business will fail to generate traffic for your website. Irrelevant keywords, keywords that are not searched by your audiences, keywords that are very difficult to rank for and very short keywords can all harm your website SEO.

Tips to find the best keywords for your business

  • Analyze your audience’s search intent with care and create your keywords accordingly.
  • Avoid very popular short keywords, as ranking for them takes years.
  • Choose longer keywords that are not only relevant to your business, but also are unique and  more specific.

4. Irrelevant and low quality content damages your SEO

Quality content plays an important role in your rank on SERPs. Failing to publish relevant quality content in a reasonable time frame would result in a poor rank. Google bots are designed and programmed to find the best and most convenient solution or answer for users. Hence, the higher the quality of your content is, the better your SEO plan will perform. 

Tips to create high quality content

  • Use proper keywords
  • Don’t use many keywords
  • Create content to fulfil a need and not for utilizing your keywords
  • Never try to cover multiple topics in one content
  • Create correct, informative and easy to understand textual content
  • Quality link building, both internal and external, keeps users on your website longer and also creates credit for your website.

5. Fail to measure your SEO performance

SEO performance must be evaluated from time to time

SEO is a long journey that never ends. From time to time, you must look backwards and see how your SEO plan has been performed so far. Your SEO plan performance, even if created by the best SEO company in the world, needs to be measured within a reasonable period of time to see if it met the expectations, where are the areas of concern and what corrective actions must be applied. Failing to do so, will keep you on the wrong path and most likely end you up with a failure.

Measure your SEO performance by utilizing below tools and metrics

  • Click Through rate (CTR), Bounce Rate, Session Duration, Conversion Rate
  • Rank on strategic keywords
  • Organic Search Traffic
  • Domain Authority
  • Free tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics


Your website SEO performance is the most important part of your online business. It needs a high level of care, knowledge and experience to put a professional SEO plan together, execute it precisely and keep an eye to measure how your plan is performing.

In this article, we walked you through the most common SEO mistakes and provided some tips and solutions to avoid and fix them.

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