How to Design an Effective Landing Page?

Landing page is a great tool, when it comes to digital marketing. From a  psychological point of view, when a customer comes across a wide range of choices, it is likely that the customer will not take any action due to multiple choices. Here is where landing pages can help. Once a specific action, like booking for an event is needed, landing pages are quite useful by eliminating all distractions that a website might make for visitors and focusing on a single action. Landing pages are designed and crafted to push visitors toward a specific action only.

Landing page is designed to remove all distractions and have users' attention on a specific action only

Golden tips on how to create a lead generating landing page

Consider a situation where you have done your  website development in Dubai, to make your online business up and running. For competition purposes, you might be thinking of a special event to stand out of the crowd and provide a special offer for your visitors. Here is where a quality landing page is needed. Now, let’s dive deeper and see how to create a lead generating landing page.

  • Choose a headline that rises attention and interest

It takes a few seconds for visitors to make the decision of whether to stay on your landing page or bounce off. As such, your headline must be attractive, sounds beneficial and also understandable for your targeted audiences. 

  • Visualize your offer on your landing page

Most internet users are interested in visualized content rather than textual content. You must choose an image that perfectly illustrates the offer and its benefits for your visitors. The image must be chosen with care and be attractive for the targeted audiences. As an example, if you are a web design company and intend to offer some special prices on ecommerce web design in Dubai, you must use an image that describes the rising trend of online shopping popularity and make visitors take action to start their online stores. 

  • Clearly explain the offer on your landing page

Visualized content is necessary but not sufficient for your landing page. A summarized and easy to understand textual content is needed for your visitors to fully understand the offer and the benefits associated with it. Keep your language simple and plain, while not sacrificing the attractiveness of your textual content.

  • Put your lead form above the fold

Making your visitors scroll down or scanning the landing page to find the form is the last thing you need, when it comes to designing a landing page. Make sure that the form is clearly placed above the fold for visitors who want to take action. As another example, if you provide digital marketing services and are thinking of a special offer on a service like SEO in Dubai, a misplaced lead form would damage your reputation and credibility as a SEO service provider! 

  • Eye-Catching Call-To-Action on your landing page

A simple but eye-catching call to action must be placed on your landing page. The CTA button must be stand out and designed with a color in contrast with other colors on the page. The CTA must be straightforward and clear, so you must use words that are clearly understandable by all users. By doing so, visitors become fully aware of what will be happening ,once they click on the CTA button, 

  • Get rid of all distracting elements

A landing page is designed for taking visitors toward a single specific action. Hence, you must be very careful to not include any irrelevant element such as internal or external links that might distract visitor’s attention from what you want them to do. 

  • Make your landing page responsive

Regardless of type of your business, your landing page must be mobile responsive. It doesn’t matter whether you are promoting a special offer for a service on your corporate website, or a special discount on a product in your online store, the last thing you need is your leading form to fall out of mobile screens, so users must flip their mobile phone around to bring the form to their view!

  • Stick with minimalism

Never overload your visitors by asking them to provide information that you don’t need. Only ask for information that is necessary for you to appropriately respond to your converted leads, based on the offer and your service. 

  • Comply your landing page with SEO standardsLanding page must be designed SEO friendly to rank high on SERP and be accessible through organic search

Your landing page must be optimized by the strategic keywords that you are targeting your audiences based on. In other words, in addition to your marketing campaigns, your landing page must be accessible through organic search as well. As such, make sure that the targeted keywords are utilized on your landing page.


A wide range of elements must be considered when it comes to building a landing page that converts. The goal of the landing page must be defined clearly and the targeted audiences must be identified precisely to design the landing page accordingly. The design must be free from any distraction and be informative and eye-catching at the same time. SEO standards must also be considered in designing and building an effective landing page. Even though it takes lots of effort and market experience to design a good landing page, we would like to assure you that a standard landing page would add great value to your business by increasing your conversion rate. 

If you are thinking of building a landing page for a specific product, service or an event, Websima DMCC, with more than a decade of market experience and a proven track record of success is always here to help. Feel free to contact us and book for a free consultation meeting with our talented team to discuss your needs and we will get back to you with an offer that suits your needs best. 

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