What is web content management system

WCMS or Web Content Management System refers to an online system that provides the capability of creating, editing, controlling and changing the content on a web page by users with no programming knowledge. Even though it is still viable to design a website from scratch and manage the content through professional web developers and programmers, content management systems have eased the process for people with no such skills. 

By using WCMS or Web Content Management System, a website can  be built and maintained by users with entry level of IT knowledge

The website price in UAE and all other areas across the globe depends on which approach you choose to design and manage your website.

Web Content Management System VS Content Management System

CMS and WCMS are usually used interchangeably, as they are quite similar. Even though they both do the same thing, there is one important difference between CMS and WCMS. CMS is a broader term that is not limited to the internet. It can be used for managing data for pricing information, specifications, backups, images, etc. 

WCMS, which is a subsection of CMS, refers to managing data on the internet only. In other words, WCMS has the same functionality as CMS but only on web pages. 

As such ,if you hear CMS from a web designer or a SEO consultant in Dubai, don’t be confused, as what they really mean is WCMS.

How does the Web Content Management System work?

WCMS helps a lot in creating, maintaining, managing and controlling the content on a website. The content is stored in a database and is recalled through programming languages such as XML or .Net. There is a web based control panel which is provided by the WCMS for making changes or editing the contents. The control panel is accessible through web browsers and it also controls all other parts and elements of a website including user interface design.

WCMS has two main parts as below:

  • Content Management Application or CMA 

Through CMA, content creators can add content to the web pages and designers are able to design the layout of the web pages. Making changes and modifications to the content and layouts is done by utilizing the CMA. In other words the CMA manages the back-end part of a website.

  • Content Delivery Application or CDA

CDA makes the content and layout that are created and designed by content creators and developers visible, for internet users and visitors. CDA takes care of the front-end side of things that is visible for online visitors.

Is it really needed to use WCMS?

Web CMS cis a perfect tool to develop almost all types of websites

The content creation is the main building block of a website to thrive. It is very important to constantly create quality content and publish on the website in a reasonable time frame. Even though this is viable to be done manually, it needs lots of time and effort. Instead, by using WCMS, the procedure of content creation and modification will be a lot easier and can be done by admins with no programming knowledge. In other words, WCMS makes the job easier and more importantly very well-organized.

You can build any type of website from a simple one like dentist web design, all the way through more complicated websites such as ecommerce by using WCMS.

Even though WCMS provides less customizability, when compared with building and maintaining a website from scratch through programming languages, it still has its own advantages that makes it a very good choice for web designers.

Benefits associated with WCMS

There are quite a few valuable benefits that you can enjoy, when using WCMS for building and maintaining your website. Here are the most important ones: 

  • User-friendly interface 

It’s quite easy to build, maintain and modify your website by using WCMS. The tool helps you to focus on content creation and modification by employing users with very basic IT knowledge.

  • SEO optimization

Content Management systems are all equipped with SEO optimization tools. In addition, you are free to add SEO improvement plugins for extra features. You may add meta description, tags, keywords and a lot more to improve your content performance on major search engines like Google. 

  • Extended Functionality and Customization

Even though using CMS comes with less flexibility when compared with programming and coding, it still offers a good level of functionality and customizability by offering a  wide range of themes, plugins and templates. By using appropriate plugins and templates, you will be able to easily design a unique website and customize it, based on your business needs.

  • Efficient collaboration 

CMS provides the capability of multiple users to work on the same content. As such, the team members are able to create, edit and update content simultaneously. CMS also facilitates communication between the team members by allowing them to track changes and leaving comments on a page.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Most major CMS are free to use or come with very low cost. In addition, normal users with very basic IT knowledge are able to work with CMS, so you don’t need to pay a fortune to professional programmers and developers. However, you must bear in mind that some themes and plugins, if you choose to utilize them, come with a cost.


WCMS is a great tool to make life easier in the digital era that we are living in. WCMS comes with a wide range of benefits that make it a good choice for developing and maintaining a website. Even though it might not be a good choice for developing very large and complicated websites, it is still a comprehensive option for designing the majority of websites for all business types.

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