What is user experience writing?

Have you ever come across a digital product, such as a software, mobile app, video game or even a website in which you must take some actions? You may want to purchase a product, utilize a software or play an online game. In all cases, textual instructions must be provided for users, in order to make them capable of utilizing the product or interacting with a website. It includes welcome messages, notes on Call-To-Action buttons, instructions on how to proceed to take an action and even error messages. Basically, that is called UX writing which refers to creating all the required textual information that a user needs to utilize a digital product. If you are thinking of developing your own digital product or website design in Dubai, read this article to the end to make yourself familiar with the UX writing and how important it is.User Experience writing refers to provide informative content to guide users who want to work with a product

What exactly does a UX writer do?

UX writing is basically a design discipline that lies under website design and user interface. The messages that guide users across different digital products and websites to teach them on how to use the product or take an action, are all written by UX writers. These textual messages are the result of extensive research, market experience and a wide range of users’ feedback. UX writers utilize their market knowledge and experience to craft the most understandable and pleasing messages to walk users through a digital product and guide them how to use or take action. As a simple example, think of the process of an ecommerce website design in Dubai. It goes without saying that making payments is one of the integral parts of an ecommerce website and unfortunately it is a stressful process for many users. To make users proceed with their purchase, a very simple, easy to understand and brief guidance must be provided in all payment steps, to make them finalize their shopping, otherwise it is most likely that many of them would not proceed and leave.

What areas does UX writing cover and how important it is?

If you want to use an online product or take an action in a website, you can see the UX textual messages everywhere. The instruction that guides user to work with an online product such as a software, a website headlines that let users know where they are, the labels that are displayed on CTA buttons to tell users what happens if they click, link descriptions that inform users where they will go by clicking on the link, are just a few out of many UX writings. In other words, UX writings are everywhere across the internet to make users happy and enthusiastic to proceed and take action. As you understand deeper now, the quality of UX writing is absolutely important to improve user experience, make them happy to interact with a digital product or platform and enhance the conversion rate. As such, if you are looking for SEO services in Dubai, make sure to work with professional firms who take advantage of well-experienced and high profile UX writers to make the most out of your investment.

UX writing VS copywriting

Copy writing is categorized under SEO while UX writing is categorized under web design

While copywriting is considered as a marketing discipline, the UX writing is about design and user interface. The copywriting is pretty much about creating informative and quality content for users about relevant subjects in order to rank higher on SERPs and direct more traffic into a website. In other words, copy writing’s main goal is to attract more users into a platform by providing relevant and precise information, while UX writing comes afterwards to keep the incoming visitors stay on a website, take action or proceed with working with a digital product, by providing the best guidance and instructions possible. As such, we can come to the conclusion that copywriting is categorized under SEO and digital marketing, while UX writing lies under web design. That’s an important point to consider, if you are evaluating web design Dubai price, in order to build and promote your website or any other digital product.


UX writing refers to the whole efforts that are made to make users feel convenient when using a digital product. In general, UX writing along with many other best practices, techniques and tactics have come to existence and evolved over time to respond to a key question; how to improve user experience on a website or while using a digital product. UX writing in particular, is the outcome of market experience, extensive research and investigating users’ feedback. In conclusion, to create quality messages and instructions for an online product, well-experienced UX writers must be on the job, and yes, it plays a crucial role on an online product to be successful.

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