CDN or Content Delivery Network refers to a network of servers that are located on different locations across the globe, in order to facilitate the delivery of the content to users, based on their location. To do so, once a client takes an action in a particular place and asks for a piece of information from a website, the relevant content will not be delivered to the client through the main website, but from the closest server to the client’s geographical location. That would create great values that we will go through shortly.

Content Delivery Network accelerates data transmission across the globe

How does CDN work?

CDN reduces the physical distance that data must be traveling by utilizing the nearest server to where you are located. Therefore, the wider distributed CDN will be able to deliver data quicker. Another benefit about using CDN is that the cache of a specific data, once recalled from a client in a particular geographical area will be remined on that server for future recalls from other users located in the same area. This feature will improve the loading time more for popular content such as a newly released movie, as the request to watch such a movie is normally high within all geographical areas.

Who is CDN for?

CDN is a tool to improve internet speed and enhance users’ experience. Therefore, all people who are presenting online, including internet users, web designers, ecommerce stores, etc. are using CDN without even knowing it. CDN acts like a network of roads that spreads out the traffic , in order to improve the communication and data transfer. As an example, think of a big ecommerce store with a wide range of customers across the globe. If the requests from all users only goes back and forward through the server in which the data originated, the ecommerce would not be available to be reviewed by users who are geographically far from the main server. Hence, CDN plays a crucial role in enhancement of user experience, when it comes to ecommerce website design in Dubai and also anywhere else in the world. That’s the same thing for all other online businesses.

What are the CDN advantages?

  1. Improves web page loading speed

The primary goal of CDNs is to improve the websites’ loading speed by spreading out the data across different servers located in multiple geographical locations. Faster loading speed improves user experience significantly. 

     2. Enhances website availability

CDN makes websites available 24/7 by easing the load on the main server. Even if a big ecommerce website utilizes high quality servers, there are moments when the traffic is beyond the main server’s capacity. Under this circumstance, the ecommerce website will not be available to users. CDN has easily resolved this issue, so no down time for websites by using CDN.

     3. Provides better flexibility

There are some types of websites who experience a very heavy traffic during a particular time of the year. For instance, during the boxing day, or close to the new year time, the request for online shopping increases sharply. During this period of time, such websites can utilize CDN in order to distribute the load over other servers. This feature can be used on demand, so no additional cost to be borne for the rest of the year.

     4. Enhances security

CDN provides an extra layer of security for websites. The main type of attack that CDN is quite resistant against is DDoS  attacks. This type of attacks happen by overloading original servers by fake traffic. A strong CDN with many servers located across the globe is able to spread out the traffic and prevents your website from crashing.

How to get CDN service?

Best CDN service providers

There are many CDN service providers across the globe. Cloudflare, Amazon cloudfront and Google cloud CDN, are just a few out of many high quality CDN service providers across the globe. However, you must be vigilant in choosing your website’s CDN service provider, as based on what you are looking for, different options are available for you. In the UAE market, considering the high competition across all markets, it is always a good idea to consult with a professional website design company in Dubai, as well as an experienced SEO agency in Dubai, for the sake of choosing the best CDN  service provider based on your website design and your SEO plan.

Last words

CDN is a must-have tool in today’s world, particularly for some specific types of online businesses such as online store, ecommerce or marketplace. In Dubai, as a very well-developed place to do business, it is crucial to provide high quality services to your customers, regardless of the type of your business. In terms of CDN service, there are quite a few professional digital services providers who provide CDN services as a part of their SEO packages in Dubai.  

Websima DMCC, as a leading digital service provider across the UAE market and internationally is always here to help. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation meeting, if you are in need of guidance and consultation in regards to DNS or any other digital services for your online  business.

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